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Position Papers

Name: Amber Krutak and Kristi Nordlund
School: Wharton High School
Committee: Commission on Human Rights
Topic: Rights of Indigenous Peoples

It has always been human nature to expand out into the world around us. It has helped globalize the world community and share ideas and culture. However, with expansion comes the problem of intrusion. As the people of the world move to other areas, sometimes their cultural influences and beliefs are not welcomed. Yet when these new peoples become a dominant people, most of their cultural beliefs are forced upon the indigenous peoples. Though indigenous peoples only make up a small population in the region, their cultural beliefs should be preserved. However, the want to preserve culture tends to result in civil wars, torture, and death.
In the nation of Sudan, there are many indigenous groups such as the Fur and the Beja. Recently, there has been extreme controversy around the region of Darfur. Here, the indigenous peoples of the Fur, Masaleet, and Zagawa inhabit the lands. Many Arabs also inhabit these areas and many conflicts arise between the groups. The idea of “ethnic cleansing” may be the cause behind the violence against these aboriginal groups, yet the cause being genocide has not yet been accepted nor denied. There have been allocations that the government of Sudan is advocating and supporting the rebel groups to attack indigenous peoples, but the government denies all such claims. However, since this is a rising problem, the Sudanese government is looking into these groups’ human rights extensively. Our nation will determine whether or not their rights are being denied or violated. We will allow international officials to review these cases, and if rights are found to be in violation, proper legal matters will be put into place. We ask for the aid of fellow nations to help eliminate this tragic crisis. The nation of Sudan is trying all that we can to prevent government corruption and the support of the Arab Janjaweed. However, much more will be needed to terminate these groups’ rights being violated.