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my message to eric

Hello my Sexy Ninja!!! I am at your house now. You are doing stuff on Ebay, and even though you are only in the other room, i miss you a lot. But you are bidding on a computer so it is okay. Anyway....I really love you. We just broke up but now I am so glad we are back together. You make me so happy, Eric. All I want to do is love you forever and never put you in that box again!(I will first have to take you out of the box(Which we were supposed to do today)) So...I really really love you more than anything. I am so happy you are in my life again. I never ever want you to leave it for anything. You are not allowed to:) I am happy for you that you are getting a new computer, even though I know that means you are going to have to set up everything on that computer and that will take a long time. Maybe you can do all that while I am on my cruise. It will give you something to do. I am so sorry that I am going on my cruise. I am going to leave you all alone:( Poor baby! I will get you a present on the cruise though. And I will be able to call you every once and a while. I will be able to mail stuff to you too. It will take the regular mail days, but atleast I will be mailing you. You now have a crisis. You bid on the wrong thing. Poor baby again!!! Anyway. I love you so much. I am going to try to think of a way for you to get out of this so I am going to go now. I love you with all my heart and soul. Buh Bye....

-foxy fairy

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